Key Factors for How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Choosing an Experienced Realtor

On average, real estate agents sell between 10-12 properties per year. Experience in the real estate industry does matter and is a major factor in determining whether or not home sellers receive top dollar for their home in a short amount of time. 

With an average of 99 home sales per year, Kevin McCaulley is a highly experienced REALTOR® who has been licensed since 1995. His extensive market knowledge and proven success in getting homes sold quickly and for top dollar make him a trusted choice for sellers.

Presenting Your Home with the Best First Impressions

First impressions have a significant impact on a buyer's decision to want to view your home and make. A well-presented home with a positive first impression, both online and in person, can immediately create an emotional connection with the buyer, making them more likely to want to schedule a showing and make an offer. Kevin will ensure that your property shows well to potential buyers.

How Kevin Presents his Listings:
- Professional Photography
- Curb Appeal Suggestions
- Staging Tips and Suggestions
- Virtual Tour

Regular Communication with Your Realtor

When it comes to selling a home, communication is the key to a seamless process and a successful outcome. Maintaining open lines of communication helps to keep all parties informed, aligned and working towards the common goal of successfully selling the property.

Communication Approach by Kevin & Jose Medina & Associates

We keep our clients informed every step of the way and keep our clients informed about the progress of the sale and any updates or changes in the market. This helps manage expectations, avoids misunderstandings and ensures our clients are fully informed and involved in the sale of your home. 

See Kevin's testimonials from past clients.

Establishing a Market-Reflective Sale Price

Pricing a home correctly is crucial when listing it. The right sale price can attract more potential buyers and increase competition, leading to a faster sale and potentially a higher selling price. If a home is listed overpriced, it can sit on the market for an extended period, resulting in reduced interest and fewer offers.

Kevin possesses a comprehensive understanding of the local market, comparable home sales, and is equipped with accurate MLS stats, to deliver a thorough comparative market analysis and pricing strategy. His expertise and attention to detail help to determine the optimal listing price that seamlessly blends a fast house sale and maximum return on your investment.

How Your Home is Strategically Marketed

It is important to strategically market a home because competition in the real estate market can be intense. An effective marketing strategy increases the visibility of your home, attracts a wider audience, creates a favorable first impression and creates a sense of urgency among buyers that drives up demand for your home.

A strong marketing plan also helps communicate the unique features and benefits of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers. 

Kevin and his team will market your home to a wide audience of potential buyers through a variety of channels, including online, print, and social media.

Kevin and Jose Medina & Associates’ Marketing Plan:
- MLS Service
- Yard Signs
- Highlight Sheets/Brochures
- Professional and Enhanced Photography
- Open Houses
- Virtual Tours
- Social Media Marketing
- Pay per Click Advertising
- Premier Postings on, and Websites
- Direct Mail Campaigns
- Private Off-Market Networking

And Much More!

Sell Your Home for More with Traditional Selling Services from an Expert

Work with Kevin


Why Choose a Real Estate Team Over an Individual Agent?

The difference between working with a real estate team and an individual listing agent is that a team has more resources, expertise, and manpower to get your home sold for top dollar. With a team, you will have multiple experts working on your behalf, providing you with a higher level of service and attention, and Kevin only represents YOU during the process. 

Kevin has chosen to partner with Jose Medina & Associates, a real estate group with Keller Williams Legacy Group Realty, because he understands his clients will receive the best service when selling a property. 


Property Valuation

Unsure if you're ready to sell? Take this simple first step and find out how much your house is worth. 

Get your free, customized, no-obligation report on your home's value. This detailed report will include current and sold housing market prices for similar homes in your neighborhood. 

Alternative Ways to Sell A House


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions about selling a home. If you don't see the answer to your question, connect with Kevin and he will respond promptly to help get you the answers you're looking for!

What does a realtor do for a seller?

A real estate agent that represents the seller in a home sale is commonly referred to as the "Listing Agent" and here is what they do for sellers:

Determine Competitive Pricing: A real estate agent will help you determine a competitive price for your home. Pricing a home is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling your home fast AND for top dollar. An experienced agent has knowledge of the market your home is located in and has access to the most accurate and up-to-date sales that have occurred in your neighborhood - both on market and off market sales by FSBOs.

Advise on Staging & Curb Appeal: They also will be able to advise on staging and curb appeal and make recommendations if they truly believe those changes will help you get a higher price. Some real estate agents will recommend a lot of updates which can be overwhelming and cost the seller a lot of money. Kevin only recommends updates that he believes will truly make a difference and help with the sale of your home. He may also recommend repairs that could be called out in an appraisal based on his years of experience in working with lenders and having a solid understanding of what the different types of financing require in regard to the condition of the home. 

Have Aggressive Marketing: An experienced real estate agent will have a large marketing budget to market your home on various websites and other marketing channels (print, social, etc.). They will take professional photos of your home which are also very, very important to get buyers interested in touring your home. They should also have resources to follow up with buyers that have toured your home to get their feedback. It is helpful for sellers to understand feedback on showings. 

Have Strong Negotiation Skills: A great real estate will use negotiation tactics to help you get the best price for your home. Negotiating an offer happens quickly and if there are multiple offers, the agent must be able to understand the terms (price, closing costs, closing date, possession, title company, financing, items included in the home sale) of each offer quickly and be decisive to advise their client on the pros and cons of each. They also are able to control their emotions and stay positive throughout the negotiation process. In addition, once the home is under contract, most of the time there are additional negotiations that must take place after the home inspection and they should be experienced in navigating through negotiating repairs.

Manage the Process from Start to Finish with Reassurance Along the Way: When you list your home with a great real estate agent, they take the lead in the entire process from start to finish, handle all the paperwork and advise you along the way so you can make the best decisions for your circumstances. Ultimately their goal is to get you the most amount of money at the closing table. Unexpected things can happen when selling your home and an experienced agent has seen it all and will be able to walk you through those moments with reassurance and confidence.

Learn more about what a real estate agent does by clicking here

Can I sell my house without a realtor and sell it for sale by owner (FSBO)?

Working with a real estate agent to sell your home is not required, but most sellers choose to work with a real estate agent even in a seller’s market. 

More than 50% of homeowners that sell their home on their own, know the buyer of the home. For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) also typically sell their home for less than homes similar to theirs. This is usually because FSBOs do not have the marketing reach that an experienced agent with a large marketing budget has and they lack the resources that are available to a licensed professional.

In addition, price is only one factor that needs to be negotiated in the sale of a home and an experienced agent has strong negotiation skills to negotiate all the terms in the contract so that you get the best deal possible. Licensed and experienced professionals review offers and look at several factors beyond price including the buyer’s lender and type of financing, down payment, inspection terms, title company, and other terms the buyer is offering. Each offer presents a scenario that a great agent can explain to their clients so their client can make an informed decision on the best offer to choose for their circumstances.  

A great agent knows how to navigate the deal to closing and provide direction on inspection requests and any other hurdles that need to be overcome after the offer is accepted. They also have contacts and can provide feedback regarding reputable lenders, title companies, contractors, and any other third party that may be involved in the process. 

Many FSBOs will sell their home on their own to save on commission but what they may not realize is that the commission can many times pay for itself because the real estate agent can get them more money for their home in the open market and with full scale marketing. They also provide the benefit of managing the process from start to finish and handle all the paperwork. Most home sales have some unexpected hurdle to overcome and an experienced agent has seen it all and will have the knowledge to advise their client to help them save money. If you plan to sell your home on your own, be prepared to show your home to prospective buyers, negotiate terms, hire a lawyer to draw up a contract, negotiate inspections, and take care of the transfer of title. 

Overall, selling your home without an expert is definitely an option and you may have success, but for many, doing this alone can mean that you do not secure the best deal possible for your circumstances, can lead to costly mistakes, and overall can lead to a more stressful process. 

How many real estate agents should I interview?

It is not unusual for a seller to interview 3 real estate agents to compare their answers and to find the best fit for their circumstances. Great questions to ask everyone you interview:

What is your experience and how long have you been in the industry?

How many homes did you sell as the Listing Agent last year?

How will you help ensure I will not just be treated like a number?

What is your marketing budget and how will my home be marketed?

What can you offer me that other agents cannot?

What is your commission?

What do you think my home is worth and how did you determine that price?

How will you communicate with me throughout this process?

Does your listing agreement lock me into a timeframe to keep my house listed with you and what is that timeframe?

What happens if I become dissatisfied with our partnership?

What happens if my house isn’t selling?

Do you offer a discount if I buy my home with you and your team?

How far out should I interview an agent to sell my home from the time I plan on selling it?

If you’re thinking of selling your home - even if it’s 6 months from now, it’s still a great idea to connect with a real estate agent to understand current market conditions, to ask questions you may have about preparing your home to sell, and to begin discussions on next steps if you plan on also buying a home

If you’re ready to interview Kevin, he can also discuss any seller programs that might be a great fit for your situation. 

Why is it hard to find Kevin’s selling stats online?

Every real estate agent has a license number that all of their sales go under. Because Kevin works on a real estate team, by law, his recorded sales go under the team leader’s license number - Jose Medina (SALM.2002013465). 

In 2022, Kevin sold 102 properties, with over 18 million in sales volume.

What areas does Kevin list properties in?

Kevin primarily sells properties in Canton, Massillon, Akron and surrounding areas in Stark County and Summit County, Ohio. If he does not believe he has enough market knowledge for your neighborhood or area, he will let you know that upon first contact and can partner you with a great, reputable agent that has experience selling where your home is located.

Can you buy a house before selling your own?

This is a common question to have when you are a current homeowner and you’re wondering how to buy a house before selling yours. Many times a homeowner will discover they need to sell their current home before making their next purchase and a lot needs to happen for this process to run seamlessly. 

If you are wondering if you can sell a home with a mortgage, while also planning to finance your next home, your best first step will be to talk with a lender to understand your financing options. Learn more about financing your next home

Meeting with a realtor will also be important so you can understand your home’s market value and they can answer questions you have about making the transition from one home to the next. An experienced real estate agent has helped hundreds of individuals and families through this process and can provide solid counsel for making this type of move.

Kevin and Jose Medina & Associates also offer solutions for this type of situation with their One Move and Sell it Now programs.

Ready to learn more? Connect with Kevin and he will get you moving in the right direction! 

Can I trust the Zestimate I found for my home on Zillow?

A Zestimate is a computer-generated estimate commonly used by consumers when trying to understand how much their home is worth. Updates to property values are based on information from both public data and user-submitted data. Because this information is many times incorrect, the estimates tend to be less accurate than the market analysis a Realtor provides, and the Zestimate can be thousands of dollars off. 

A real estate agent determines your home’s value by conducting a comparative market analysis (CMA) that analyzes recently sold homes in your neighborhood in addition to considering other factors like how homes are currently priced in your neighborhood that are for sale, your home's condition, etc. The overall pricing approach of an agent is much more customized than what a Zestimate provides, allowing for greater accuracy. 

Ready to get your free, home valuation report from a top real estate professional? It’s simple to request and there is no cost or obligation. 

What is the cost of selling a house with a realtor?

Real Estate Commission in Northeast, Ohio can range from 5-6% depending on the price that the brokerage determines. This is sometimes negotiable and can depend on the condition of your home, and what listing price is agreed upon. 

What is exclusive about working with Kevin?

Experience and Results Matter: Kevin is a top producing Realtor® and sold 102 properties in 2022, with over 18 million in sales volume, and is part of Jose Medina & Associates at Keller Williams Legacy Group Realty (the #2 Real Estate team in Ohio (since 2016) and #37 in the nation by transactions). 

Most agents also sell between 10-12 homes per year and experience in this industry does matter! Seeing the high amount of production Kevin and his team do may be off putting if you’re wondering if you will just be a “number or sale” but the truth is, Kevin and Jose Medina & Associates value each and every client and it's their goal to provide everyone with a genuine real estate experience, to go above and beyond expectations and to create clients for life! 

See What Past Clients Have to Say About Kevin!

Solid Marketing Strategy: Kevin and Jose Medina & Associates understand what makes a home sell for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time. Major factors include … 

... Pricing your home correctly based on our in-depth knowledge of current market conditions. We use accurate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data to select active, pending and sold properties similar to yours as a first step in understanding your home’s market value. Then we consider your home’s age, condition, updates, location, usable space, etc., to determine a final pricing strategy for your home. 

... Providing you with advice on how to prepare your home so that it shows well and stands out from neighboring competition. We even offer a program that allows you to make necessary repairs/remodels before listing your home. Learn about our H.E.L.P. Program.

... Having a generous marketing budget to expose your home to the most amount of buyers. We provide professional photography, drone photography, virtual tours, extensive online exposure, marketing to other top agents, and traditional marketing like yard signs, open houses and print advertising. 

... Frequently communicating with you about the progress of selling your home. We believe in transparency and constant communication so you will have a solid understanding of who has seen your home and be provided with feedback from buyers in addition to feedback from Kevin if for any reason your home is not selling. 

Easy-Exit Listing Agreement: Many real estate agents will lock you into a listing agreement for several months. If you become dissatisfied with the partnership, you are not able to end the agreement and list your home with another agent until that time frame is fulfilled. Jose Medina & Associates does NOT lock their clients into a contract. If you become dissatisfied with Kevin for any reason, at any time - you are able to fire him with no fees or further commitment!

Seller and Buyer Programs: Because Kevin works on a real estate team, he is able to offer his clients unique, exclusive options to help them sell and buy their dream home. Learn more about available seller and buyer programs.  

Free Moving Truck: Selling or buying your home with Kevin provides you with the use of Jose Medina & Associates free moving truck. Save where you can as you make your next move!

Team Approach vs Individual Agent: Choosing an agent that works on a real estate team to help you make your next move versus choosing an individual agent that works alone, allows for great client service. 

Working with a team allows for you to partner with an expert, Listing Agent, if you are selling a home, AND an expert, Buyer Specialist, if you’re also buying a home. There is also a team of additional real estate professionals and support working behind the scenes to assist in a successful closing. 

Imagine if you walked into a restaurant and your waiter seated you, took your order, made your food, washed dishes and cleaned off your table for the next guest - that would obviously be way too much for one person to handle! When a real estate agent handles all aspects of the home selling and buying process on their own - they can become quickly overwhelmed and can begin to drop the ball. 

Kevin has chosen to partner with the real estate team, Jose Medina & Associates, because he understands his clients will receive a top notch home selling and buying experience, and this team provides him with a lot of resources to best serve his clients!

I see that Kevin mostly represents sellers. Can he still help me buy a home?

YES! Kevin primarily works with sellers but based on his client workload he may be able to assist you in finding a home as well. If his workload would compromise client service, he will pair you with an exceptional Buyer Specialist on his team to help you find a home.


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