Sell it Now

This program offers the convenience of selling your house for cash and includes the added convenience of you choosing your closing date. It's like pushing the "easy button" to sell your house fast - even faster than the standard timeframe to close on a home in the real estate market today.

Jose Medina & Associates will buy your home directly with cash eliminating the risk of dealing with a buyer that needs financing, and that financing falling through, delaying you getting money in hand from the sale. 

The process begins with Kevin coming out to complete a free home assessment and then a cash offer will be made to you. If you accept, you also get to pick your own closing date so you close on the timeline that benefits you and your situation!

Beyond the benefits of not having to deal with financing, it also eliminates the disruption and hassle of having strangers walk through your home for open houses and showings. 

This program is one of the fastest ways to sell your house and can be a great fit for estate sales (especially if you live far from the location of the home that needs to be sold,) and for those that are relocating out of the area where a quick sale is needed. 

It can even be helpful if you're wondering how to buy a house contingent on selling yours. If you found your dream home and the seller is not willing to wait for you to put your home on the market to sell, this provides a way for you to have access to the cash needed to buy your next home. 


One Move

Are you wondering how to buy another house while owning a house - especially in today’s competitive housing market? Having a home to sell before you're able to buy makes the process a little more challenging. Why? In any market, especially a seller's market, it can be harder to find a home with a seller that is willing to work with an offer contingent on a home sale. Some people have even moved twice, selling their home and renting an apartment, until they find their next home!

With the One Move program, Jose Medina & Associates will buy your home and pay off your mortgage - unleashing your buying power so that your down payment for your next home is readily available. 

We then lease back the home we purchased from you until you find your dream home making ONE MOVE possible. Relax and decide - we've got you covered!


Homeowner Enhancement Loan Program (H.E.L.P.)

Are you thinking of getting a home improvement loan to prepare your home for sale, because you're concerned if you do not make certain updates - you will not get top dollar for your home? Let us HELP!

Jose Medina & Associates has the ability to offer clients an option where they loan you the money for you to make improvements and repairs before you put your home on the market. Once the home is ready, we list and sell your home and all costs for the improvements are deferred until closing.

Updated homes stand out from their competition and they stand out to potential buyers, allowing for a higher sale price when paired with a solid pricing and marketing strategy. Kevin is ready to HELP you with all of these!

We can even advise on what to remodel and repair before selling so that you don't make updates that won't in the end get you more money for your home sale. 


Hero Program

If you are a teacher, first responder, registered nurse, currently in the military or a veteran, this program offers you additional benefits and savings as a way to express how much we appreciate you and your service! You help others everyday in your job and now it’s time for us to help you.

When you buy and/or sell a home with Kevin and Jose Medina & Associates, you have access to savings on reduced closing costs, reduced commissions, discounted home inspections, home insurance discounts and much more - over $1,000 in savings! It’s our way of saying thank you for all you do.


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